About Robert Sherwood

Originally from Vancouver, I have been based in London for over 15 years. I moved to the United Kingdom in order to pursue ambitions as a playwright, and have enjoyed some success.

To support my writing, I have also been a software developer, with over 15 years of experience working on large scale client-server applications in Britain, Norway, the United States, and Canada. I have worked on projects for the Canadian government, Merck, and the now defunct Arthur Andersen. I wrote using Visual Basic, Delphi, C#, and a variety of relational databases, including Microsoft Access and SQL; all projects used an object-oriented design. In each case, I was the primary developer and initial designer, responsible for drafting, developing, and completing entire, self-contained applications in accordance with the client's specifications.

Five years ago I began retraining and working as a web designer and programmer. Currently, I am the sole developer on a new social network for academics, for which I wrote my own Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework written in Php on the server side and a full MVC framework written in Javascript on the client side. The project is due to go live in mid-2013.

Depending on scheduling issues, I may be interested in further work designing web sites, programming in Php, Javascript, MySql, Xml, XHtml, and Css.